pramode_ce (pramode_ce) wrote,

Openmoko update - booting OK

Here is how to get the Openmoko based Neo1973 up and running:

Get a root file system/kernel from:

You will see plenty of kernels and rootfs images on the build servers - don't try any two random combinations - it won't work. The kernel/rootfs combination you get from the above link is OK.

screenshotNeo1973 after boot up

Flash the kernel/rootfs:

Erase the existing rootfs before you copy the new image.

The booting process is very slow - most of the time is spent in getting the UI up and running.

If the USB cable is plugged in, you will see a `usb0' interface coming up on the host PC. Assign an IP address of to it. The phone has an IP of You can now do ssh/scp.


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