pramode_ce (pramode_ce) wrote,

Line sensing with QRD1114 (FreeBird - Part 2)

The FreeBird now has `1-bit' vision! I am experimenting with the QRD1114 reflective object sensor. It's a small IR LED and a phototransistor combined in a single 4-pin package. Light reflected from an object placed close to the sensor controls the conductivity of the transistor.

Things to do immediately: (a) Start working with gEDA once again; create PCB's for line sensor and ultrasound module (b) Clean up the code (c) get Python working (d) Integrate with Pyro

Some of my students are working on a sort of `Mini FreeBird' based on an Atmega controller and locally available components. This will be the version which we hope to use in schools.


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