pramode_ce (pramode_ce) wrote,

New batch, new setup and Monsoon ailments

PC's don't like the Monsoon - so it seems, going by the number of machines which fall `ill' during the time when God's own country is blessed with incessant rain! I am having a hard time repairing and troubleshooting the few supposedly `healthy' systems in my lab - that too at a time when new students are coming in.

I have a new gadget in my classroom - a Sony VPL ES3 LCD projector!


You can see my old Mac mini and an OpenWRT powered Linksys WRT54G in the pic.

It's always exciting to start with a new batch of students - there is always the expectation that you might `discover' a few motivated and talented guys/girls! I had a few good questions from the new batch. Here is a sample:

It's said that those students who start out looking forward to a management career switch over to the technical side under your influence. Is it true?

It seems that there are a lot of MBA aspirants in the new batch. God knows how they got so fascinated by MBA. One student was quick to point out that a B.Tech + MBA makes good `financial' sense!

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