pramode_ce (pramode_ce) wrote,

Admissions open to University of Microsoft

Here is a chance for you to gain cutting edge degrees right here in India - the world's biggest, most advanced software superpower,. famous for the creation of card games, paint programs and eye-candy like Vista now announces the setting up of a MS university in the world's copy-paste capital, Bangalore. Initially, the following degrees will be offerred:

  • Advanced diploma in mis-editing with MesS Word
  • Advanced diploma in graphics, multimedia, animation and film-making with MesS Poor-Point

Later, University of MS has plans to offer graduate level courses covering topics like:

MS is in the process of charting out a detailed syllabus. It is rumoured that the Harry Potter books figure prominently in the literature for these courses which are intended to create M$ Technology Wizards who will take the Indian copy-paste industry to dizzying heights.

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