pramode_ce (pramode_ce) wrote,

Hack the cube (Part 1)

Hacking is definitely an art, but some people are taking the `art' part a bit too seriously! How else would you explain stuff like this LED Cube? These guys are building bigger cubes powered by GNU/Linux running on an ARM processor - and they are using Group Theory to design animations!

You will see many more such cool hacks on sites like: Hack A Day, Hacked Gadgets, Daily DIY and Makezine.

I have started building an LED cube - will do single-colour 4x4x4 only. Got one 4x4 matrix soldered and tested today. I am using a piece of thermocol instead of wood to hold the matrix together while soldering.


If it works out well, maybe I will use it for an `embedded system workshop and contest' at FOSS Meet NITC, 2007.

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