September 12th, 2007


Software Freedom Day at Trichur - Sep 14, 15

Software Freedom Day is being celebrated in Trichur on Sep 14 and 15th. The venue is the `Chamber of Commerce' hall, Palace road. This year's celebrations will highlight the efforts of a dedicated group to bring Malayalam language computing to GNU/Linux.

Local newspapers and magazines are beginning to take a strong interest in GNU/Linux and Free Software. Don't be surprised if you see the venerable old `GNU' smiling at you when you open your newspaper:


It's high time that more people come to know of the Windows Genuine Disadvantage and opt for the wonderful world of freedom! Engaging people from different walks of life (other than computing) is essential if GNU/Linux is to fulfill its true potential - that's what the SFD celebrations in Trichur will attempt to do.

Update: Schedule and more details here .