May 31st, 2007


Back from Technopark Trivandrum

I was at Technopark (Trivandrum) the last 2 days trying out some amateur kernel troubleshooting for a company involved in embedded systems development. Technopark is I believe Kerala's first (and biggest) IT `park'. A good number of past students should be working in the dozens of companies situated there - but I saw only 2 of them - one of whom was Sreejith, who works for a company called InDSP which develops h/w and s/w for professional audio equipment. Now,this is one company which I would recommend to good students - no cubicles, no ties, no `jaada' - just pure tech work! It was amusing to watch the excitement on Sreejith's face as he showed me the big PCI cards stuffed with lots of DSP chips on which he was working!