December 31st, 2006


Protest against Bush in Kerala

Shortly after the announcement of Saddam's hanging, the highly `enlightened' political parties of kerala called for a `hartal' from 3pm onwards. There were protest marches all over the state in which G.Bush was symbolically hanged and burnt to death.

One can understand the protest marches - its perhaps the least you can do to show your anger towards the monsters who rule our dream land, the U.S of A.But why inflict unnecessary hardship on the general public by springing upon them hartal's literally out of the blue? With both private buses as well as the KSRTC stopping service, people were left stranded on the road.

Stone throwing is one activity in which Malayalis excel - a few MNC banks in Cochin came under heavy stone pelting - they are after all symbols of US/Western dominance.

All said and done, the Saddam drama comes at a convenient time for political parties - at least for a week, they can divert peoples attention from the in-fighting going on ....