December 30th, 2006


End of the road for Saddam

It is confirmed that Saddam's death penalty has been carried out - time for G.Bush and friends to rejoice.

The Malayalam TV channels are happy - they now have a hot topic for `debate'. Saddam is even being hailed as a `martyr'!

Read what Noam Chomsky has to say

Saddam has been punished, but what about those who first brought him to power, supplied him with chemical and biological weapons, reduced his country to rubbles when he started deviating from the agenda, killed tens of thousands of innocent children with sanctions, lied to the world that an impoverished country posed a `threat' to world peace and attacked it once again .... These people stand smiling infront of us as world leaders. And we, software `engineers', look upon the country ruled by these monsters as our `dream land' ...