December 14th, 2006


Debian on the Slug - Part 2

Tried my hand at soldering a connector to the slug board - abandoned it soon as I found that I might make a mess out of it. A kind fellow on the slug irc channel advised me to do the following:

  • Reflash with Linksys firmware, and immediately,
  • Telnet into RedBootThe `First manual method' worked fine for me. Just have to press Ctrl-C soon enough, that's all.
  • Do a ResetSysConf
  • Reboot the linksys firmware, enter the web interface and set the gateway IP. The slug uses the default IP of and I set my laptop's (the g/w) IP as
  • Reflash with the Debian etch rc1 installer and reboot

After a few minutes, I started getting ping responses. A few minutes later, I was able to ssh into the box as user `installer' (there was a problem with authentication which could be solved easily). Now I am happily running a shell on the slug. A `cat /proc/cpuinfo' tells me that the speed is 133 MHz. Shall I try overclocking it?


Why the Greeks did not invent Calculus

It's well known that Archimedes used the idea of dividing a curve into lots of small polygons in order to compute its area. Had they been comfortable with the notion of inifinity, the Greeks would have invented the Calculus much before Newton and Leibnitz. It is also conjectured that their poor understanding of algebra also resulted in the birth of calculus being delayed by a long, long time.


It might come as a surprise to many people (it was for me) that besides writing hi-tech code, we Indians can bring out quality publications in the area of science and technology. Check out Resonance, a top class journal on science and technology! All the articles are available for free download (just like the one above). The sad thing is that so few people know of its existence.

Just check out this list of articles - we have everything from `Mahabharatha Mathematics' to datastructures, error correcting codes, sex chromosomes ..... amazing!!