September 6th, 2006


What is Freedom?

Think about this: If you have a kid going to school in Kerala and he is quite brilliant with computers - what would both you and he/she want? To learn good programming skills, using great tools to build enterprise applications or to tinker around in code that basically infects the kid so that later on in life he/she has no chance of working in a good software company as they will all be wary for the above reason? In both cases, a supposedly freedom granting license is what takes away the freedom in the long run. If you're a software developer, software company or even just a parent from Kerala reading this, please, please understand the implications of this decision by the government and if you think that you do not agree with them, make sure you let it be known.

They are completely unprepared to be able to work with software that runs in more than 90% of the world's computers. That is, if they are not taught Windows, Office, .NET from Microsoft or any of the other major "proprietary" software, they are going to lose the freedom to work in the most exciting and fast growing areas - since this is what runs on the vast majority in the real world.

Read more - Vinod Unni writes at length about the `dangers' of GNU/Linux and Free Software

Going by Mr.Unni's philosophy, I am guilty of ruining the career of a *large* number of students - making them incapable of working for `good' software companies and on `exciting' technologies! I have decided to go on a pilgrimage to Redmond to atone for my sins.

Mallu's are usually sensible, but this Unni fellow makes me laugh.