July 10th, 2006


GNU/Linux on AIR

Check out this link

The Malayalam translation for `user friendly' is interesting - "upabhokthru sauhradam"!

We need to have more such campaigns on radio, TV as well as the print media to bring about greater `grassroots level' awareness.


Zidane's Charming `Header'

My better half says that I should try to be more `normal' and watch football like everybody else - so here I am watching the amazing game of men-running-after-a-ball while the person who insisted on my watching is sleeping soundly on the sofa! They say that you can use your head to score goals - but Zidane has proved just now that you can use it to settle scores also. I am so thrilled at the magnificent sight of his shaven head slamming onto the chest of an unsuspecting opponent that I couldn't resist writing about it immediately ... truly inspiring `head'ball!