May 31st, 2006


Building Phoenix-M

Went to the Delhi Electronics market yesterday to get some components for the Phoenix-M box; I have decided to have a go at building and marketing a few of them on a commercial basis. The electronics market is huge, and running around here and there looking for stuff can be tiring. By the time we finished, there were dark clouds in the Delhi summer sky and Ajith joked that it's going to rain because a `software' guy like me is going to do hardware for the first time!

I tried my hand at soldering a few of the components onto the board - will have to practice more to make it perfect.

I have with me the brochure of PHYWE, a company manufacturing products for the Natural science educational market. Going through the products listed, and the kind of experiments you can do with them, you start realizing how pathetically backwards we are when it comes to science and technology education. The western nations have a long history of excellence in basic science and technology - as long as they keep it up, they will always keep on inventing new stuff making themselves richer while we as a nation will always be on the periphery fooling ourselves that we have become `superpowers' by writing bits and pieces of code.