January 14th, 2006


Socratic Electronics

Tony Kuphaldt is the author of the perhaps the best hands-on introductory textbook to the art of electronics - Lessons in Electric circuits. He has started a new project which he calls Socratic Electronics. All teachers/students should visit this site and read what Tony has to say, especially his `manifesto'. Here is an excerpt:

The most important thing any educator can impart to a student, in any context, is the ability to teach themselves....A time-tested way of centering instruction around students is to teach by asking questions. This is generally called the `Socratic method', made famous by the Greek philosopher Socrates...

Although he is putting forward ideas which most of us are already aware of, what is impressive is the fact that he has gone forward to *document* his `Socratic method' in the form of worksheets which all of us can use in our teaching/learning. Maybe, more enlightened teachers like Tony would chip in and create `Socratic Physics' or `Socratic Biology' (or even `Socratic Computer Science', if such a Science really exists)!