November 28th, 2005


FOSS.IN - Day 0

Arrived here (Bangalore) early morning - met Vidyaraj and Unni at 9:30 in front of Gangaram's book shop. I had a heavy laptop and a BIG bag containing two Phoenix boxes and assorted circuitry - packed everything in an auto and went straight to Bangalore palace. Things were not yet ready and it was only by afternoon that the PC's started arriving. I was hoping to get Phoenix up and running today itself - but that didn't happen. Will try again early morning tomorrow.

The only new acquaintances for the day were Abhishek and Surjo.

What made an otherwise uneventful day exciting was the sight of a tall, bearded man in a Red Hat - a certain Mr.Alan Cox!!!

Krishna Kumar was there as part of the HP team - but he arrived only after I had gone - hope to meet him day after tomorrow!

Had a taste of Bangalore's traffic - how do the guys here suffer this? Me, I am lucky - my daily `travel' to office involves climbing a few stairs to the first floor of my house from the ground floor. I don't have code to maintain, bugs to fix, deadlines to meet and I spend most of my time fooling around with things which I like.