November 12th, 2005


LyX, Scribus and Free Software Documentation tools

Finished writing the Phoenix user manual today - lots of stuff still to add, but a newbie user should be able to get started with it.

Phoenix User Manual

I use LyX for most of my documentation purposes; it's a really great program which I think not too many people know about - give it a try - you can prepare high quality LaTeX documents without knowing anything about LaTeX!

I am sorry I haven't done this before - I am now going to ask students to throw away MS-Word and write their reports/documents in LyX.

While LyX is ideal for generating rigid, structured documents mostly meant for publication in technical journals, Scribus is for the other extreme - artistic brochures, pamphlets etc (the so called `Desktop publishing' market).

We see free software tools marching ahead inexorably - world domination is not too far away ;-)