October 27th, 2005


Wireless LAN up and running

Got my first wireless LAN up and running yesterday - thanks to the magic of ndiswrapper which makes it possible to use the Windows driver with Linux. My 802.11 card was a DAX-905 PCI which was not mentioned anywhere on the net as supporting Linux, but an `lspci' revealed that the chipset belonged to `Marvell Technologies' and the Windows driver for this chipset was found to be working satisfactorily with ndiswrapper!

My wireless access point is of course, the WRT54G which runs Linux! More details regarding configuration in a later post ...

Most of my time yesterday was spent trying to get a `ping' - of a different kind, the ultrasonic variety!


Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?

This is the title of an article by Charles Petzold

Of course, we Unix guys have known it for a long long time - vi rules!

No amount of IDEification can make a stupid API look intelligent.

A good programming language (like Python) well designed libraries and a sensible editor like `vi' will make you more productive than using the latest version of a fashionable IDE.