October 23rd, 2005


Python at the NSC Phoenix Workshop

The Nuclear Science Centre, Delhi, had conducted a Phoenix Workshop last week; Physics teachers from all over India were trained on using the Phoenix box to conduct interesting elementary Physics experiments. Ajith tells me that the Python interface was used very successfully - people who had never written a line of code in their life picked up the language without any formal introduction and were able to use it for writing small programs. When will our educationists wake up and banish C/C++/Java from the teaching of elementary programming?

We need much more projects like Phoenix in our educational sector; Phoenix itself has to get widespread publicity - as a minor contributor to the project, I see tremendous potential for the device in the hands of motivated students and educators. Readers of this blog can contribute significantly by letting their friends know about it - better still, if you have a young friend/relative who is enthusiastic about learning science, a Phoenix box will make a great birthday gift (yes, Phoenix is now available commercially - and it doesn't cost a lot)!