August 29th, 2005


Linux thrives in left-leaning kerala?

This is the title of a newsforge article by Sreelakshmi Haridas. You can read it in full here.

I doubt whether there is any real connection between the left parties and Linux. The kerala politician, left or right, lives only to make money. He doesn't care about ethics or philosophy or social objectives; dear old RMS is surely not the kind of guy who would find favour with these great leaders (the communists might like his hairstyle because it brings back memories of a departed leader).

The reference about Linux in Kerala's colleges too isn't that accurate. Today morning, I heard the (shocking) news that a .NET user group was thriving in Model Engineering College, perhaps the first Engg college in Kerala to use Linux and the place from where I got hooked to Free Software! But yes, though nobody has as yet done a quantitative study, I feel that GNU/Linux penetration is greater in Kerala's colleges and technical instituitions compared to T.N or Karnataka.

Today morning, I had a discussion with a person from FSF regarding starting a Free Software User's group in Trichur - there are some students from MCA and CS who are really motivated - I might be able to gather these guys together and do something useful.